Sub Perks

PhilDoes3D Twitch Subscription


All ads are removed from the PhilDoes3D Twitch page.


An Icon next to your name in the PhilDoes3D Twitch Chat.

The ability to post links in the PhilDoes3D Twitch Chat.

Immunity to SLOW MODE in the PhilDoes3D Twitch Chat.

The ability to speak in Sub-Only PhilDoes3D Twitch Chat.


Subscriber Only access to all previous Twitch Streams & Videos.

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Join the phildoes3d discord server

Everyone can post images of their work in the Gallery, view useful Video Tutorials, chat about 3D and Art and just hang out with other like minded 3D people by joining the Phildoes3D Discord Server.

Subscribers can also view the Subscriber only chat on the Phildoes3D Discord Server.

Subscriber Emotes & Sub Badges

As a PhilDoes3D Subscriber you have access to both subscriber emotes and subscriber badges.

Depending on the subscription package you choose, you can use up to three different PhilDoes3D emotes.

Based on how long you are subscribed for, you can unlock up to five different PhilDoes3D subscriber badges.

Subscriber LIVE stream popups

In addition to subscriber emotes and badges, subs also have access to LIVE stream popups.

Subscribers can activate these popups and have them display on the main live screen to everyone watching the stream. These popups can be used when ever the stream is live on Twitch

To set them off, just enter the POPUP COMMANDS when the stream is live in the Twitch chat.



“On my Twitter page you can see when I am about to go live on Twitch, as well as view past broadcast video links. I also post links on Twitter when I upload my past broadcasts to YouTube or I have released a new 3D Model."



“All of my past broadcasts from the PhilDoes3D Twitch Channel are also available to view on my YouTube channel. Along with past broadcasts you will also find highlight videos and general design and 3D tutorials."

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