Digital Multimedia & 3D Artist

I am a digital media artist and I graduated with high distinction from the Swinburne University of Technology, with a specialization in computer graphics, design and programming. In my professional career I have chosen to combine my passion for arts and technical skills, working in design, 3d visualization and digital artwork. I have qualifications in Design and Multimedia and have been trained in the use of industry standard programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Eon Vue, Autodesk 3DS Max and the Epic Games Unreal Engine.

I have been using 3D software for more than fifteen years during which time I have created poster designs for print, 3D models for interactive's and games as well as 3D assets for design visualization and presentation rendering. I have created games for mobile devices and have worked on console games across various platforms such as Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's Playstation and Nintendo Systems. The types of work I have created are diverse and include using Photogrammetry and creating Dense Point Cloud meshes for extremely accurate 3D modelling and measurement. I am currently working as the Creative Director for a Games Studio in Melbourne, Australia and as a Lead 3D Visualization and Environment Artist for an ArchVis Studio in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Nvidia Edge Program Award

I received the Epic Games / Nvidia Edge Award for the Cinematic Trailer created for 'The House In The Hollow' made entirely from in engine footage of the game currently in production using the Epic Games Unreal Engine.

The Edge Award was a collaboration between NVIDIA and Epic Games. The NVIDIA Edge Program provided high-end hardware to teams and individuals creating fantastic content with Unreal Engine.

Nvidia / Epic Edge Award - The House In The Hollow

E-on Vue Rendering Awards

As a brokered 3D Artist for E-on Vue, I have received Cream Of The Crop Awards over the years for various 3D Model & environment renders.

Vue is a software tool for world generation by e-on software with support for many visual effects, animations and various other 3D environment features. The software has been used in several feature length movies.

Featured Publications

During my career I have appeared in various industry magazines and print publications.

From work during my days in web development and digital artwork, to 3D modeling projects and environment art and design.

I have also been featured on various design and art websites as well as a number of specialty community sites such as The Authors & Writers website and the Android Mobile Technical website.

Games I have worked on have been featured in a variety of games magazines.



“On my Twitter page you can see when I am about to go live on Twitch, as well as view past broadcast video links. I also post links on Twitter when I upload my past broadcasts to YouTube or I have released a new 3D Model."



“All of my past broadcasts from the PhilDoes3D Twitch Channel are also available to view on my YouTube channel. Along with past broadcasts you will also find highlight videos and general design and 3D tutorials."

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